Lotus Love 1 - Tana Lawn Cotton - Liberty Fabrics €36,50pm
Lotus Love 1 - Tana Lawn Cotton - Liberty Fabrics €36,50pm
Lotus Love 1 - Tana Lawn Cotton - Liberty Fabrics €36,50pm
Lotus Love 1 - Tana Lawn Cotton - Liberty Fabrics €36,50pm
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Lotus Love 1 - Tana Lawn Cotton - Liberty Fabrics €36,50pm

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    Inspired by the iconic hue Egyptian blue, this design features the national flower of Egypt – the lotus. This flower’s iconography dates back to ancient times, where descriptions of lotus flowers could be found in hieroglyphics. The artwork is painted in soft watercolour with a traditional mirroring repeat. This print is part of the Blue story of the Spring/Summer 2024 collection, discovering it as a jewel-like droplet wherever it appears, with expansive palettes taking inspiration from the brilliance of Egyptian blue, and from the dreamy, washed-out vistas found above the clouds.

    “First there is nothing, then a depth of nothingness, then a profundity of blue.” – Yves Klein quoting Gaston Bachelard, 1959

    • Fabric: 100% Tana Lawn Cotton
    • Fabric Width: 138cm
    • Fabric Weight: 76gsm
    • Fabric is €36,50 per metre, the price listed is per 10cm 
    • fabric will be cut into 1 continuous piece when ordering multiple quantities
    • if you need a matching thread please let us know in the comments
    • Care Instructions: Low iron, 40′ machine wash

    Liberty Tana Lawn is unique: a fabric made from specially selected ultra-fine long-staple cotton, woven from 70 and 100 ply yarns, with exclusive and superior qualities that have elevated Tana to its iconic status. Once woven, Tana is subjected to a lengthy series of preparations, followed by a process of mercerization that swells the fibers of the cotton, enhancing handle and luster, and stabilizing the fabric finish. Mercerization also increases dye absorption in the rotary screen printing or the latest digital print technology, allowing this fine fabric to carry color and print magnificently.