Needle Weaving Techniques for hand embroidery - Hazel Blomkamp
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Needle Weaving Techniques for hand embroidery - Hazel Blomkamp

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    Working from loom weaving graphs and patterns, Hazel Blomkamp has modified and documented 42 different needle weaving techniques and patterns in this handy stitch book.
    The book begins with basic guidance on needle weaving techniques, based on a single weaving method which Hazel has broken down into easy steps. 42 needle weaving patterns are then described, each with a clear diagram and step-by-step instructions, and a photograph of one of hazel’s beautiful piece to provide inspiration.
    All the stitches have been detailed on one side of the page only, allowing you to place your magnetic cross-stitch board underneath. You can then use the magnetic rulers that come with the board to mark the row that you are working on, making the instructions easier to follow. The book is wire-bound, allowing the pages to lie flat while you work, and the book’s notebook-size fits perfectly in a workbag for easy transportation while stitching on the go.
    With all the stitches needed for needle weaving embroidery at their fingertips, both new and experienced embroiderers will find inspiration from this invaluable resource.